I strive to be as professional, empathetic, and supportive as possible with patients at all times. As part of revalidation, 30 consecutive patients fill in questionnaires about the care they received, and I was assessed as giving excellent or very good care by all patients.

Receiving a note of thanks means a great deal, and I have attached a few below. But I am aware that it is impossible to get it right all of the time, and if any part of the care I give is less than satisfactory please do get in touch.

"I would like you to feed back to Mr Dowson what a thoroughly professional yet very friendly procedure he operates.

Everything ran so smoothly and efficiently, very very impressive, and I have only three port holes!

I awoke the morning after the Lap Chole totally pain free and able to almost move around as normal, and not needing any Paracetamol, and on day two the situation is just the same."

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